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Meeting For Worship

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Meeting For Worship



Quaker Meetings are held every Sunday morning for an hour between 10.30 and 11.30 with tea and coffee after.


If families with children wish to attend, there is also a Children's Meeting in an adjacent room, with activities and games, arts and crafts, etc.






What happens in meeting for worship?


Quakers think that everyone can have a direct relationship or "communion" with God. We find that this communion can best be experienced if we meet in silence, with nothing pre-planned. Meeting for Worship couldn't be simpler: you go in and sit down in a plain room with other Quakers and settle into silence, a silence which can become very deep and powerful. After a time, someone may feel inspired to stand up and speak briefly in their own words, or pray, or read from the Bible or some other book, before the meeting settles back into silent waiting. A Meeting for Worship usually lasts an hour.*




For more information see these excellent YouTube videos produced by Watford Quakers.



*Taken from the Quaker Week website



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